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Problem with method GetEntryByKey
~Zach Breweoden 01/26/2004 04:42 PM
Domino Designer 6.5 Windows 2000

This agent in R5 works fine.

Dim session As New NotesSession
Dim db As NotesDatabase
Dim view As notesView
Dim VEntry As NotesViewEntry
Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
Set view = db.GetView("NPK")
Set VEntry = View.GetEntryByKey( "2004", True)
If VEntry Is Nothing Then
Print | Entry not found |
Print VENtry.ColumnValues(0)
End If

But in R6.5 I get "Entry no found".
User can't see document but he can see category. I always use this technique to get same
values from documents, when user can't see some documents.

I rather think that Lotus change something in class NotesViewEntry, but I can't find any reference in Help or FixList databases.


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